Monday show should be up in the next couple of hours, plus, Podshow+ is rocking along!

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OK, I just got word that the server problem should be fixed in a couple of hours, so Monday’s show is now Tuesday’s show, so I will not be doing the Indie and Alternative show today. Don’t freak when the day and date and stuff say yesterday, it is Monday’s show.

The problem seems to be the slam of new people that came on board during the weekend. The launch has been pretty successful, all the new people rushing in at once gummed up the works a bit. Frustrating, yes, but also cool as hell. All those new podcasters and podcast fans, it is so exciting! I have been busy as I am trying my best to do the insane action of attempting to personally welcome the new members since the public launch. Crazy eh?

You can even get to Digital Assistant Faith, TotallyAngel, Karmyn Tyler, Share, Brendan, and Kelvin at the show. The Royal Court is moving in!

Remember, my profile site is and my show site is

Come over and visit! Remember, there is a bit of a learning curve with the site, but once you have it down, you will see the power of this new tool in taking the fight to mainstream media. Drop me a line and I will help anyone having a tough time navigating at Podshow+.

Let’s stick it to the mainstream guys!


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