Podshow is on the verge of the public launch!

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I was just checking out the PDN, and man, it is so close to launch it is about to burst. I can’t wait until everyone can see what has been happening behind the scenes at Podshow. I feel lucky to have been backstage as it all came together.

The very talented crew at Podshow are throwing new things up by the minute. The Podshow Delivery Network is going to be “THE” destination for all your podcasting needs. I can’t wait until I can share my part of the site with you all. It could be minutes away, or a day away. I mean it when I say that the crew is throwing up great new features by the minute.

In a nutshell–the Podshow site will be like a supercharged podcasy version of community sites such as Myspace or Xanga, and it rocks.

You can pre-register right now so you will be in the moment it opens to the public. Remember, once it all launches, look for Reaching for Lucidity, it won’t be hard to find. Just look in the music and entertainment channels.

Click the graphic below to become part of the revolution that is changing entertainment as we speak.

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