RfL 7-21-06 The Juggernaut-Hard Rock and Metal Friday #243

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I am taking one for the team today-It is the Juggernaut and I am so hung over! Hard Rock and Metal Friday has never been so fun, and so painful, at least for me.

We have some great tunes, even a Royal Court debut!

In the segments we have a criminal that just can’t kick the habit. We visit music history. And the people around Brussels go out and harvest their porn!


Buckethead featuring Serge from SOAD-We Are One

Pilfa Confession Box-Dirty Broke and Dangerous

Lacuna Coil two-fer-Swamped and Heavens a Lie


God Forbid-Antihero


Givehead-Just Punishment

Where She Wept-Religious Art

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  1. ummm scotch! reminds me of high school! 😛

    What kind did you have?

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