RfL 7-26-06 Wednesday Coffee House #246

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It is Wednesday and we have a great Coffee House today. We have debuts from Hungry Lucy and Cheryl B. Engelhardt. We have the King, Miles Partridge on the Coffee House for the first time. We have rockers that go soft today, we have our Queen, we have all kinds of goodness!

In the segments we have some cute critters going tough, our trip through musical history, and some great cyborg-like stupid celebrity crap. Hey, I even take a shot at the FCC!


Royal Court Debut!-Hungry Lucy two-fer off of their new CD "Before We Stand, We Crawl" Harvest and Storm

Miles Partridge-The King of the court on the WCH for the first time!-Ink

Karmyn Tyler-Drifting

Supersuckers-Some People Say


Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Complacent Pretending

Marina V-Underneath You Sky

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