RfL 7-4-06 July 4th Party! #232

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Did anyone say Party? I hope so, because that is what I have today! It is Independence day and we are going to jam.

Great music, Fire works facts and where to view the best, The dreaded Pst’s are back, our July 4th walk down musical memory lane, and a cautionary tale about fireworks and braindead teenagers. Oh yes, there is a bitchslap today!

Plus I ask the question, when oh when, will we ever SPOON?!?!?!?


Miles Partridge-Tequila

Jesta-Independence Day

Artificial Inteligence in Texas-January

Manda and The Marbles-Upside Down

The Muffs-A Little Luxury

Sweet Diss and the Comebacks-Craziest Girl

The Window Panes-Mars Needs Beef

New Maximum Donkey-The Other Side of Yellow

Chachi on Acid Megaset!
Everybody We Meet is a Circus Freak-My Uterus Hurts-Everybody I know is an Asshole-B 52’s-Everybody We Meet is a Circus Freak

The Distillers-LA Girl

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