RfL 7-6-06 RMT #234

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Back on schedule–it is the Driving Rock Mix–and the music just licks! We have another debut from our Royal Court, we find a new podcast, and lots more!

In the segments we find two thirsty Croation cops that lose their criminal, and possibly their jobs. Don’t feel too bad for their loss, we give them the bitchslap award. We take our daily walk down musical memory lane and visity those celebrities again in Stupid Celebrity Crap. We have a lot of celebrity crap today!

New Podcast to check out-Smart Bomb Radio


Royal Court Debut!

Waiting for Decay-New Enemy

 Sex and Patriotism-Tearin it Up

Granian-Mark My Words


Day of Rising-Destroying Dialogues

Zamarro-Tequila Ride

The Substitutes-Hardcore California

The Golden Gods-Even I Don’t Know

Black Furies-Falling Down

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