RfL 7-6-06 The Juggernaut HRMF #235

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What a day! Podshow+ has launched–and that means things are changing here at RfL–FOR THE BETTER! Listen for all the info on what is changing.

Hey, it gets better. Our German Royal Court members Givehead have a new song, and that means we are gonna kick it with the debut.

In the segments I tell you all the good news on the Podshow+ launch, we take our walk down musical memory lane, and a guy breaks his penis. Yep, you heard that last part right. Ouch!!!!!! (Actually, you cannot medically "break" your penis, but tearing just sounds too hideous)

The new Reaching for Lucidity site (add the show!) –http://reachingforlucidity.podshow.com

My Personal Profile (dig me!)- http://ebancrawford.podshow.com


Rising Conviction Two fer-Badger and Shudder

Royal Court Debut! – Givehead-Point of View

AraPacis-So Many Leapers

Nevermore-I Voyager

In Silence-The Stand

God Forbid-Anti-Hero


Diecast-These Days

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  1. hey… I don’t have a penis! đŸ˜›

    Yeah! GIve head has a new song! and Rising Conviction is starting a new ablum! Yippeeee! Its a good freaking day.!

    *skips off to listen to rest of show*

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