RfL 7-6-06 Wednesday Coffee House-but on a Thursday-#233

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A day late, yes, but still with the best music available–It is the Wednesday Coffee House-but on a Thursday-make-up show yet agin.

We also get our walk down musical memory lane and a little flipper loses his crown.


Marina V-I’ll Be Allright

Barb Carbon-Climbing Mountains

Eddie Ramirez-A Box


Karmyn Tyler-Amazing Grace

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  1. Suzie

    Good show today. Love the story of the little pageant boy!!! I know contestants who have wanted to do that to the judges when they did not win but never one who had won the title. lol. I should probably have a podcast with backstage pageant stories!! As the mother of a contestant, I have a lot of them….!! Have a wonderful day and I am excited about podshow plus!!

  2. SarahBell ( ) wrote:

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