RfL 8-10-06 Driving Rock Mix Thursday #256

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Driving rock is ready to be delivered straight to your ears today on RfL. Find your calm, get comfortable, load the show, and hold on tight!

In the segments we find some silly ass frogs, and I do not mean the cute amphibians. We walk through today’s musical history and check out some more stupid celebrity crap.


Opening music by TWiG of the Audio Pandemic Show-In Chaos We Rave

Rasa 9-Give It Away

Waiting for Decay-Bleeding Gray

Napoleon Blown Aparts-I Got It Bad

The Gentlemen-Riding in the Backseat

Coheed and Cambria two fer-Devil in Jersey City and A Favor House Atlantic

The Substitutes-First Thing I Want

Nova Express-Motorway

The Erotics-Drink, Fight and Fuck

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