RfL 8-14-06 Blue Monday #257

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*NOTE: This site will stay up and the feed will remain valid–however, please go over to the new Podshow + and give it a go. My profile is ebancrawford.podshow.com and the show site is reachingforlucidity.podshow.com, even Digital Assistant Faith is there at princessfaith.podshow.com. Give me a shout if anything is a bit confusing, There is a bit of a learning curve, but the service is awesome! (Now back to the show!)

It is a short show today as I have to be somewhere this afternoon, but the music is totally on. It is Blue Monday, so kick back for some blues!


Barry McCabe-Istanbul Blues

Big George Jackson Blues Band-Biscuits and Molasses

Jimmie Bratcher-Take it Back

P.W. Fenton and Second Ward-Invisible Man

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