RfL 8-15-06 Special Edition, Eban’s Big Announcment #258

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I have been teasing about a big thing happening behind the scenes here, but until today I have not been able to talk about it. Well, the wait is over, I am making my big announcement today, and then we are going to party!

It is normally Indie and Alternative on Tuesday, but this is an RfL special. You just do not get news this good everyday, and I intend to celebrate!

In the segments we have yet anotther stupid criminal that screws things up on the details, or detail, as in this case. Oh yes, he gets an RfL Bitchslap!

We take a look at music history in days gone by. And then we have our celebrity gossip in Stupid Celebrity Crap. Today we find Tom Cruise actually doing good in the world, Boy George gets off to a bit of a rocky start in his community service, and Lou Diamond Philips is in the news again. At least he doesn’t lose his wife to a lesbian this time.


Opening muisc by George Hrab-Ockhams Shaving Kit

American Heartbreak-Superstar

The Muffs-Really Really Happy

The Substitutes-Hardcore California

Mr. Nasty-Joyride

Supersuckers-End of an Era

The Erotics-Rock n Roll Killing Machine

Rocket City Riot-Feel Alive

The Golden Gods Two fer-Rock-n-Roll Salvation pt.2 and Even I Don’t Know

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