RfL 8-17-06 Driving Rock Mix Thursday #260

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We are going to generate some real heat with today’s rock mix. Get prepared to sweat! The music is off the hook.

We have another edition of online confessions. I try to answer the question of whether I am attending the Portable Media Expo or not. We talk about how David Copperfield is losing his marbles, but he is rich, so whatever.

We travel through musical history and then hit the gossip with Stupid Celebrity Crap. The Guiness Book of World Records finally recognizes Paris Hilton for the one thing she is good at, being overrated! The Real World’s most hideous bike messenger,Puck, has a new bundle of joy on the way. Justin Timberlake rags on Taylor Hicks. Gwenyth Paltrow is coming back to acting. And finally, Britney needs some birds and bees education.

Check out Mignon Fogarty and the Absolute Science Podcast. I messed up on the link in the show, the real link is http://www.welltopia.com/


Roots of Rebellion-The Order

Rainbow-Live from Munich 77-Long Live Rock in Roll

In Silence-To Walk Away (sorry about the intro, oops)


Rebel Rebel-Science Vixen (dedicated to Podcastings resident "Science Vixen", Mignon from Absolute Science)

Rocket City Riot-Nitro Doll

The Deadline-Alive

Rising Conviction-Badger

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The answer to whether or not I will be at the Expo. Well, is it really an answer? We will see.

The legend! Podsafe and all!
Alice Cooper-Live from Montreux-No More Mr. Nice Guy

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