RfL 8-19-06 The Juggernaut HRMF #262

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*NOTE: This site will stay up and the feed will remain valid–however, please go over to the new Podshow + and give it a go. My profile is ebancrawford.podshow.com and the show site is reachingforlucidity.podshow.com, even Digital Assistant Faith is there at princessfaith.podshow.com. Give me a shout if anything is a bit confusing, There is a bit of a learning curve, but the service is awesome! (Now back to the show!)

Yep, I had software issues yesterday, but the show is here now, and it rocks. In addition to the music I have news of the $1.00 Cd pre-order for the new Rising Conviction disk. That is too cool!

We learn about the Tapir’s penis and I realize my place in the grand scheme of mammals. We have tons of Chuck Norris to help answer the mysteries of the universe.

We have a incredibly stupid criminal to bitch slap, we visit music history, and we hit the gossip, hard!

Mel gets probation, Haley Joel Osment is a moron, I get an answer to the Pete Doherty problem, and Justin Timberlake admits he really is a vegetable. Oh, and did I mention we have tons of Chuck Norris? Well We do!


Visit Chuck Norris Facts or you will be roundhouse kicked right the hell out of here!

Check out a video that PETA must love, and Iraqi spider kicks ass Chuck Norris style on about 30 soon to be dead ants.

Rising Conviction-The Trinity (go to risingconviction.com to get in on the $1.00 CD pre-order!)

Lacuna Coil-Swamped

Mandrake Root-The 7th Mirror

Darque Carnival-Down Driven

Wormbox-Less Than

Black Atom-Fallen


Blinded Colony-Swallow and Sleep

Threat Signal-Inane

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  1. Thanks for the play brother, hope you are doing well.


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