RfL 8-2-06 Wednesday Coffee House #251

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The day of mellow has arrived at RfL. We have great tunes, stupidcelebrity crap, music history, and a story of a ver strict school in the Netherlands.

Oh yeah, we also give out the rcipe for world peace!


Intro music by TWiG- from the Audio Pandemic Podcast-Flight of Fancy

Natalie Brown-Quicksand-The Thievery Corpration Remix

Hungry Lucy-Alfred Haunted

Marina V two fer-Pesnya O Tebe and Simple Magic

Butterfly Catchers-Doin TIme

Amplifico-Combing My Soul For More

Littleton Jones-Been Diggin

Adrina Thorpe-Never Meant

Lorena Mire-Movies in My Head

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