RfL 8-25-06 The Juggernaut HRMF #266

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Friday is here again and as always we celebrate with the best hard rock and metal on the Juggernaut. We have some exciting debuts today as well as some solid regular tunes.

We have a guy that can’t take his porn, so he burns crap. Cops that can’t stay awake so they run into their suspects. And more cops that only have to wait around as their idiotic suspect comes to them. Plus more Chuck Norris truth!

Publicist Jamie Hoffman sticks it to E! over their request for footage from Dimebag’s murder for use on an E! special. I have the full letter. Janie is my new hero! Good to know somebody with integrity is sticking up for Dime’s legacy.

We travel back in time to see what happened today in musical history a,d then hit the gossip in Stupid Celebrity Crap. William H. Macy sticks it to the prima-donnas of Hollywood, specifically Lindsey Lohan. Oh Yeah! Go Bill! Mel tries to get back to work by grovelling and hoping he has not gone too far and Britney Spears is now allowed to scare the shit out of Tokyo Subway riders.

Enjoy the show!

Lacuna Coil-Our Truth

Givehead-Thoughts over Thoughts


Diecast-Fade Away


Third Fire-Hell Child

Pitch Union-Tornadic Activity

Brand New Sin-Motormeth

Where She Wept-Religious Art

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