RfL 8-31-06 Rock Mix Thursday

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Took a day off but RfL is back with an excellent rock mix! In addition to the music, SJ and I settle our differences over the move to the U.S. Woohoo. We learn that the people of York will soon have to stop killing Scotsmen, and pigeons cause way too much trouble.

I have the promo for a great cast I recently found, check it out, it is In Latte Veritas, gotta love those folks down under.

Airport security in London lost the leg of the former world record holder Paraolympic runner Kate Horan on her way to the World Championships, for our protection of course. SJ and I give our take on the incident.

We have our daily dose of music history and hit the gossip with Stupid Celebrity Crap. I even talk about how a bit of Lezbian action could have saved Kyra Phillips from any family embarrasment.


Jeremy Mix-Daisy

Paul Everett-1000 Idiots



Sophia Ramos-Surrender

The Ropes-Kill Her Off

Stalling Dawn-A Few Years Short of Forgiveness

Wonderhorse-The Knight-Mare

The Substitutes-Taken a Lifetime

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