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You may have noticed that The Juggernaut is not up yet. Well, do not worry, it is still coming, just late. I will have it up early on Saturday, I promise. I am having some trouble getting my soundcard to talk to my software.

That brings up the question to my fellow podcasters. Out of the blue today Audition started dropping the soundcard with every new element, whether it be audio recording or adding a music track. At first I just had to manually re-assign the soundcard, but then the system just started to freeze. It is weird as this has not happened before. Has this happened to anyone else? Anybody got a fix?

I am going to do the system things such as defrag and such, just in case, but I have been working on this all day with no progress.

I am switching back to my old set-up first thing in the morning and getting the show out that way. Computers can be crazy beasts.

Trust me, the show is going to ROCK! It will be worth the extra day wait.


(yes, I am freaking out a bit about how calm I am staying. Normally I would be seething and ready to throw the system out the window. Maybe I am mellowing.)

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  1. this has not happened to me before.


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