RfL 9-13-06 Wednesday Coffee House 272

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We have some great  tunes for the Wednesday Coffee House this week in addition tto our off-center banter.

Sj and I start off by discussing how the world seems to have gone to the dogs in stories of dog yoga and a dog wedding at Harrods. We also talk about how awesome Chuck Norris is in the grand scheme of the universe and the gift-wrapping of a helicopter by Harrods.

In idiots all around us, Colonel Gaddafi now lays claim to Coke-a-Cola for all of Africa. Chuck allows him to exist.

We take our trip through musical history and then hit the celeb gossip. Avril Lavine thinks she is a thespian. Paris Hilton can’t tell time, stop partying, or get her lines straight,, big shock there.  Britney and Feder-f-in-idiot welcome the newest soon to be totally screwed up  child into the world, just as Law and Order seem to be using them for a story line. And, back to the dogs, Barbara Walters believes her pooch Cha Cha talks to her. Sounds like a job for Tom Cruise and L. Ron’s etherial penis!


Amy Abdou-Mirage

Joshua Kadison-The Bubble Man

Katy Pfaffl-Halfway There

Marina V.-Simple Magic

Alyssa Hendrix-Found

Caitlyn Smith-Teardrops and Sugarcane

Eddie Ramirez-A Box

Kevin Burdick-Too Good for this World

Karmyn Tyler-Drifting

Opening music

Danny Elfman’s Orchestral Suite from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas as performed by the City of Prague Orchestra.

Critic's Choice Vol.2: Leonard Maltin's Favorite Movie Themes of the 90's

Critic’s Choice Vol.2: Leonard Maltin’s Favorite Movie Themes of the 90’s

City of Prague Orchestra
Blisstunes Recording Corp.


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  1. I have a video from the Paris Hilton movie on my website. To bad it got leeched onto the internet for everyone to look at. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that leeched it.

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