RfL 9-14-06 Rock Mix Thursday #273

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We induct a new member of the Royal Court, the Erotics! We also debut a new song by our newest RC members as well as veteran RC members The Deadline! And the music is just the begining!

The Queen and the Queen Mother of the court, Karmyn Tyler and SuzieTK, send me some great music vibes for my recent illness.

Then the whiny SJ gets his own email, senatorjaiz@gmail.com

After this, SJ and I take on Big Brother type local councils here in the UK as they try to take over your life. Then, we finally realize just why Adam Curry needs to collect your ass-wiping details. It is very sinister indeed!

We then find a ninja wannabe criminal in greece that deploys weapons of mass hillarity. What a funny guy!

We take our walk down musical memory lane and then Pooter comes in and scares SJ off and leaves us with another refreshing recipe to mess us up!


Royal Court Induction and Debut!

The Erotics-Your Momma is a Monster and Only a Fool

Rasa 9-The Truth

Shane Paul Smith-Painting with a Razorblade

The Joneses-Tits and Champagne

Soulphood-Liquid Dynamite

Royal Court Debut!

The Deadline-So Loud and Open Wide

Warrior Soul-The Wasteland

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