RfL 9-15-06 The Juggernaut Haard Rock and Metal Friday #274

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We have two of the new tunes by original royal court members Rising Conviction so you know this show is going to kick ass! All the music is top-notch today.

SJ and I start off the show with guess the online confessor, and we have some interesting guesses.

Noel from Oasis gives us some humor as in a drunken state he tries to help out Manchester City, what a guy!

We look back at music history and then hit the stupid celebrity crap. Christie Brinkley files for divorce as her daughter passes out. Dog the Bounty Hunter gets bit in the ass and arrested by his own country over Mexican laws. Hell, they don’t follow our laws, I say screw theirs! INXS cancells their tour due to Tim Farris’s knee surgery and Rockstar Supernova and new singer Lucas Rossi need to find a new name, asap!

Enjoy the show!

Royal Court two-fer debut!

Rising Conviction-Axel FU and For Your Son

Sutra-The Plan

HeadrusH UK-Perfect Drug

Pilfa Confession Box-Visions of Rosemary

Die Cast-Fade Away

Into Eternity-Spiralling Into Depression

Third Fire-Hell Child

Everest-Where Earth Meets The Sky

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say great show & thanks for playing my band (Everest)! 🙂

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