RfL 9-18-06 Rock Mix Monday #275

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It is Rock Mix Monday and we are going for a less intense, more groove oriented type of day. It is all good.

SJ and I talk about two cases of people deciding animals are there for lovin, in the wrong way. One guy marries a goat and another tries to cure his ailment by turning a hedgehog into his personal pin cushion. At least the hedgehog screws him up bad!

we take our trip to music’s past and look at what happened today through time. We also talk about sensless product warning labels and decide what would be useful warnings to put on alcohol.


Brain Bucket-Sweet Tequila

Roadside Zoo-Every Other Day Love

Scatterd Few-Ransome

Alice Marie-Could It Be


Paperboy Jack-Pause

Granian-On My Own

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Out There

Lorena Mire-Everything (I Belong)

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