RfL 9-20-06 Wednesday Coffee House #277

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It is the Wednesday Coffee House and we have some great tunes today. Plus, our Queen, Karmyn Tyler,  is starting work on her latest film, Inspector Mom!

SJ and I start out with some general trivia, and then get into two stories of South American crime. One guys a screamer and another needs to keep track of his teeth.

We check out what happened on this day in musical history, and then we check out a story of Easy Jet employess really dropping the ball.

Enjoy the show!

Karmyn Tyler-Guilty

Jenny Dalton-Bad Day

Hungry Lucy-Rainfall

Tim Blaine-In The Meantime

Christopher Dallman-This is Calm

The Alice Project-I’d like to Stay

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Hard to Come By

Lovespirals-Free and Easy

Anji Bee of the Lovespirals Chillcast

Alice Marie-Lipstick Diaries

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