RfL 9-21-06 Rock Mix Thursday #278

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What a show we have planned today–in addition to all the great tunes, we have a royal court debut from Waiting for Decay! Great stuff! Plus a whole lot more Chuck Norris truth.

SJ and I tackle two stories of animals and drugs–one with cows getting pot, and the other with a drunk guy wanting a snuggle–with a panda!

We take our daily look at what happened in music on this day through time, and then, we point and laugh with stupid celebrity crap.

Tom Green yet again filming under the knife, Chorlotte Church discusses her stupid assed panties, Saturday Night Live fires crew, and Clay Aiken can’t answer a simple question–is he or is he not in the closet? Maybe he doesn’t even know.


Royal Court Debut–Waiting for Decay–Uncover Evolution


(oops, I forgot the band name in the show, sorry)The Stirring-Something Crazy

Artificial Intelligence in Texas-January

Check out Clinton’s excellent podcast, Comedy4cast, and possibly win something!

Electric Frankenstein-Electrify Me

Street Brats-Southbound

Angel City Outcasts-Downspiral

Kaj-Focus Factor

The Distillers-LA Girl

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