RfL 9-25-06 Rising Conviction Artist Spotlight 2 #280

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It is time again to focus on our Royal Court members out of Arizona, Rising Conviction. They have a new CD coming, and you can pick it up for only $1.00! We talk with gutarist Bryan Hughes about the new CD, the direction of the band, how Dave keeps his voice in top shape, and why only a buck for the CD. We also hear from Dave and Andy during the show–enjoy!

Pick up Salazar Brothers and Saving Son at RisingConviction.com

The Songs!

From Salazar Brothers-Ultrasharpe Backstab

From Saving Son-Drugs, Axcel FU, For Your Son, Regular Zebra vs. Seagull, and White Flags Were up But They Were Meaningless

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  1. How freaking cool is this???? I came home from work.. and in my mail box was my 2 cd’s I ordered from rising conviction last week!

    Kick ass!

    and now I am listening to the show! sweet!

    The third song just started… I LOVE eveything so far!
    I think I’ll order 30 more and hand them out at Peter’s Halloween party!

    Rock On !

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