RfL 9-27-06 Wednesday Coffee House #281

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We have some great Coffee House goodness for you today. The tunes are just terrific!

SJ and I start off talking about the show interruptions that will happen until the move to California is complete, and we also give a hint to the new RfL project coming up after the move.

We have a tale of Italian musicians that not only get mad and start a fight at Turin airport, but also try a little canabalism. Well, at least they try, and the leader gets a bitchslap for his efforts.

We look back at music history for this day and then hit the Stupid Celebrity Crap. Paris is charged with a DUI and admits she is actually stupid. Finally! Milan caves on skinny models, and the Hoff overeacts to a bit of cat scratch fever and rushes his daughter Hayley to the hospital for 5 minutes.


Opening Tune-Satya-Silk Route

Natalie Gelman-Always Was

Marina V.-Underneath Your Sky

Delaware-Within It

The Sleeper’s Opera-Grace Falls

Stephanie Harger-The Very Thought of You

The Lasivious Biddies-Famous

Cheryl B. Engelhardt-Proof

Jim Fidler-New Song of the Gypsy

Stavia-Right Now

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  1. Hey there!
    I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your contuning support of The Lascivious Biddies & our music. You totally rock!
    Lee Ann & The Biddies

  2. No, you “Totally Rock”! I still love the tunes. Magic, pure magic!

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