RfL 9-28-06 Rock Mix Thursday #282

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Rock Mix Thursday is kicking  today! We have another set of the best independent music for your enjoyment today.

SJ and I start off with a dose of Chuck Norris Truth to get things going.

We take a look at an incredibly stupid criminal in Kentucky, complete with thongs undies and a video camera. A Bitchslap is delivered.

We take a peek at musical history and then drop into stupid celebrity crap. Paris Hilton is back today. Naomi Cambell misses her court date. And Charley Sheen gets a big raise!


The Glare of the Day-Or Basic Chemicals

Killola-Rip-off Artist

Melon Farmer-Funky

Sebasrockets-Rock-N-Roll Overdose

Miles Partridge-Tequila

Zamarro-Tequila Ride

The Deadline-Bring on the Pain

Kontrust-Phono Sapiens

Dirty Rig-Suck It

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Contrary to popular opinion, Eban is not teh person that put teh hit out on Kermit teh Frog, and is in fact happy he survived teh attempt. Miss Piggy? That is a whole different story. . . Email ME email:ebancrawford@gmail.com Subscribe to the RfL feed

4 Responses

  1. I am visiting chucknorrisfacts.com and i love this one.
    “Chuck Norris’ house has no doors, only walls that he walks throug”


    this first song, glare of the day, is pretty damn good! I am going to their site now..

    have a super day!

  2. If everyone would just heed the Chuck Norris laws of the universe as they are laid out at http://chucknorrisfacts.com , well, the world would just run smoother.

    And hell yeah, I got my hands on some great music for this episode!

    BTW, thanks for all the support!

  3. Eban! I sent Pat the Killola link yesterday and he loved it!

    Chuck is cool, I just might buy one of those t shirts! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for playing our tune!!!!! We thank you for your kind support…. If you want any other tracks from our new album just let me know and I’ll send them along…..Thanks again….Peace….Ian of The Glare Of Day

    check us out at:


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