The Countdown Starts

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Well, as of today Faith and I started our trip through the “one last Time” events here in England. Our gas and electricity are handled on pre-paid cards, we go at the beginning of the month and purchase the amount we need for the said month. Well, by this time next month, our feet will be firmly planted on Bay Area soil, which makes that the last time we need to purchase our energy. Things are definitely becoming more real now.

In a couple of days I have to start making the calls to tell SKY Satellite, the T.V. license folks, the phone company, Tiscali broadband, and so on, to halt our services. I also have to make the 30 day notice to our landlord and finalize our banking. It is cool that the end of our England adventure is so near, but I have to say, I still hate taking care of the details like the things above.

Next up is the plane tickets, the moving company, and trying to get rid of, and possibly make a few bucks off of, the things we will not be taking. That includes almost every electrical device as the devices are not compatible in the US. Oh, the fun!

Still, this is all coming to a great ending. We will be back home!

To say the least, the show will suffer over the next few weeks. I have an announcement to make on how I will handle the next few weeks shortly.

Cheers everyone!

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  1. Just think, at least everything will be perfect for the new year! 🙂

    I am happy you and Faith are moving back! I really wish I could have seen the flat in little hampton!

  2. Any move can become a logistics nightmare. I nearly had a mental meltdown with all the trouble I had in my last one, and that was only six miles in the same city. I can’t imagine what a move like yours would entail.

    Good luck with the move, and be safe.

  3. Hey Angel, it does suck that you guys never got to visit, but hey, you now have your Bay Area base of operations back! Walking distance to Steelhead and Hola’s. I mean, Hell Yeah!

    Thanks Bryce! Yeah, moving sucks, but we are becomming old hat at it. I think this latest move will be our last for quite a while, we need to settle down a bit.

    Everybody, check out Bryce’s podcast, Suffering from Sanity at

  4. I went to Bruce’s site, listened to his show now I am at Beth Thornley’s site listening to her juke box. Sweet! I love her short hair too!

  5. I totally ment to type Bryce.


    sorry Bryce! 🙂

  6. Your site is a much needed addition to my life. THANK YOU!

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