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Still down everyone, but hoping for a return soon. I am feeling a bit better, but still lapse back every now and then. I am really missing doing the show!

If I am still too much out of it tomorrow, I may just call off the show till Monday and get a fresh start with a new week. I really hate being ill.

Most important, I am still around, I am not fading, and I still intend to rock your asses off five days a week after I heal up! Look at this as a great chance to catch back episodes you may have missed.

Thanks for all the get well wishes!


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  1. Hope you are feeling much much better today! 🙂
    take care of yourself,

  2. Glad you’re in recovery. I’ve also been very very ill, but yesterdays show made me feel much better, Miles has been working hard (as usual) to get new music to you and the short show was a perfect debut of two great songs. I hope you’re better soon, the shows just not the same without some bitchslapping and Eban style ass kicking!

  3. I should check the site more often. Came by when I started getting the shakes and realized there hadn’t been a show. Dude, get well soon.


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