It’s leaving time!

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This is it, we are in our hotel room hear at Heathrow waiting to get back to San Francisco. Our flight leaves at 6:35 tomorrow morning and we will be back in Cali around 1:00. Man, I can’t wait.

I was going to do a “last show” from the podquarters, but I decided against it. I want to celebrate arriving much more than the leaving. The next unseason show will be from our SFO Marriot. The countdown to the new season is getting lower. too bad I can’t give an exact date, the season will start as soon as I have my internet connection up and running.

So hey everyone, raise a glass and toast, the kid arrives back home tomorrow! Let the party begin!!!!!!!

(p.s. Michelina is a kickass waitress and is cute as hell, we will miss her. Not that it means anything to you all, I just wanted to keep the memory)


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  1. Welcome to California! We’ll have to hook up and share a pint and a pizza!


  2. Hey marcus! thanks bro, I have to admit it is good being home. Living in England for three years really makes Burlingame seem even better this time, lol.

    We do need to hook up for a pint and a pizza! I need to head down to your area after we get setup here.

    Good hearing from you bro!. Everyone, go straight to to get the best hard rock and metal podcast on the net! DO IT PEOPLE!


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