RfL 10-2-06 Un-season #1

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Well, it is crunch time with the move and we are busy as all get out. This makes it very hard to get out normal RfL episodes, so we have ended what we are calling season 1 at 282 episodes. Season 2 will start in 5 to 6 weeks once we are settled in Burlingame, California once again.

In between season 1 and 2, we are having our un-season, which starts today. These will be shorter shows, still with great music and also with updates on the progress of our move. The music on the shows will follow the normal scheduled music.

Today is the rock mix, and we are going a bit more groove oriented today. Enjoy the show!

Brain Bucket-Sweet Tequila

George Hrab-She Suffers From Superlatives

Waiting for Decay-Last Call

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