We are getting hit with one hell of a storm today!

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Man, living right on the coast is normally a great thing, unless the weather gets bad, then the shit hits the fan. Well, that is what is happening today. As we live in the buildings that make up the front row of Littlehampton on the beach, we always get slammed the hardest.

The storm is in it’s second day, that is why I did not have a show yesterday. Today is not looking much better as for some reason the storm is messing with my internet connection and it keeps going out on me. Hopefully this will pass.

I have managed to do some updating to the site while waiting to see if things will clear up. I have re-arranged things a bit, brought back the forums and the art studio page, I have added links to help you show support and vote for Rfl, I have added a “how-to” page on listening to the show for those new to podcasting, and I have brought back to player in the sidebar.

I need to get back to prepping for the move, I was hoping that the weather would break and allow me to get a show out, but hey, if it breaks later I will throw a show up for ya!

Get ready for the countdown to start early next week, hopefully before Wednesday as we will be getting our plane tickets real soon! That is gonna make things seem even more real. We are looking to fly out on or around the 26th of the month. Due to the time difference, when we land in California, it will have only been a two hour flight, lol. Oh, if only that was really the case, that would be great.

On Monday the rep for the moving company is coming to give us a quote, then we will probably get packed on the 16th. Due to the airline restrictions, I will not be bringing my beloved Les Paul on the flight with me. If things go bad at check in, I would have to put it in the hold, and that is something I will not let happen. The temperatures in the hold vary too much and could damage the wood, that is if the guitar would survive the handlers. So now I am buying a new, sturdier case and sending it off with the rest of our houshold goods, This means I will be without it for up to 6 weeks, that sucks, but at least it will not be at the mercy of the airlines.

I just have one more thing to say, just to get it off my chest, and that is, Technorati “SUCKS”! Out of nowhere, the Technorati site claims RfL does not exist anymore. I tried reclaiming, but nothing worked. So as of right now I have no Technorati listing. For a site that so many people use to follow trends and to see what is happening in the blog and podcast scene, they really should try to get their heads out of their asses a bit. I am sick of all these supposed great resource sites that behave worse than beta sites. really!

Well, until Monday, or until I get a show out later today, or until I blog again, whatever comes first, see ya!


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  1. I’m having some strange issues with Technorati too of late. It seems to be mysteriously just dropping posts at random. Of course, unlike you, I still have a “claim” on my site, so I could execute the nuclear option and reclaim it. I hope you’re able to get that resolved soon.

    Good luck getting through the storm. Hope you and yours stay safe.

  2. Hi Eban,

    Great news on the move and I’m trying to catch up on the shows this week. Saints won and Denver won on Monday night football. So the week is off to a good start.

    I voted for the show today and I’ll make sure to keep voting daily. On a side note, I looked for a while before I found the “Please visit Vital Podcasts right here and vote once a day for RfL!” link.May want to place the link at the very top or maybe change the font to red. Of course, I was searching at 4:30 a.m. over here and I was on my first cup of coffee. That is probably 95% of the reason for my lack of cognitive association abilities this morning.

    Anyway, great shows and I hope all is going well over there.

    Later, Gordon

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