RfL 11-14-06 indie and alternative tuesday #283 Season 2!!!!

We were gone for a while, but we come back with a bang. We have some great punk and punk inspired tunes to kick things back into gear. 

Since our studio setup has not arrived from England, we are recoeding on the "ghetto" setup, but hey, the tunes make up for the mic sound.

We also visit with a couple of idiots, talk about the uses of pie, go through some music history, and then visit with our two favorite celebs, Tom Cruise and Britney Spears.


Peer Pressure-Bad Man’s Nightmare

Battery Life-Fred Astaire

The Amber Jets-The Other Night

The Dents-One More Time

The Sheckies-Never Feel Alone


The Muffs-Really Really Happy

Bender X-Sell Out

Distillers-LA Girl

2 thoughts on “RfL 11-14-06 indie and alternative tuesday #283 Season 2!!!!”

  1. thanks for the nice welcome back! Unfortunately things did not go as planned, but RfL is coming back soon, for real this time.

    Thanks for listening!

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