RfL Sneek-Peek to the New Year

Hey all, I am still alive, just out of sight. Here is a peek into another RfL project coming in the New Year.


As for the main RfL show, it will be back. I have had some issues, personal in nature, that have kept me from producing new episodes, but those issues are going to be behind me soon.

I am looking to “Rock” the world in 2007!

I mjust checked my email and saw a lot of great emails. I will be returning those soon. Thanks for the concern, it means a lot.

see you all soon!

5 Replies to “RfL Sneek-Peek to the New Year”

  1. Eban…

    I’m glad to hear you haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth at least. I hope the personal issues are resolved quickly and to the proper satisfaction. Until then I will patiently await show #285.

    As always, safe travels, sir.

  2. Thanks Bryce! I am getting real antsy to start up again. Man, it has been a while.

  3. Gordon

    The animation teaser was great. Look forward to seeing the series. Saw you finally got the London package. Sorry about thast mix-up on the departure dates. Later, Gordon

  4. Hey…..we have been missing you……..Just know that we still love you and wish you the best year in 2007. 2006 is behind us and that is where I want it to stay…..(if you know what I mean)!! 🙂 You have a birthday coming up soon!!!

    Welcome back….


  5. Hey Eban!

    I was wondering what was happening with you and the show. Glad to hear you’re still hangin’ in there! I wish you all the best in 2007!


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