RfL Sneek-Peek to the New Year

Hey all, I am still alive, just out of sight. Here is a peek into another RfL project coming in the New Year.


As for the main RfL show, it will be back. I have had some issues, personal in nature, that have kept me from producing new episodes, but those issues are going to be behind me soon.

I am looking to “Rock” the world in 2007!

I mjust checked my email and saw a lot of great emails. I will be returning those soon. Thanks for the concern, it means a lot.

see you all soon!

5 thoughts on “RfL Sneek-Peek to the New Year”

  1. Eban…

    I’m glad to hear you haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth at least. I hope the personal issues are resolved quickly and to the proper satisfaction. Until then I will patiently await show #285.

    As always, safe travels, sir.

  2. The animation teaser was great. Look forward to seeing the series. Saw you finally got the London package. Sorry about thast mix-up on the departure dates. Later, Gordon

  3. Hey Eban!

    I was wondering what was happening with you and the show. Glad to hear you’re still hangin’ in there! I wish you all the best in 2007!


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