Monday gets me down (or something to that effect)

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I can’t really tell what it is about Monday, but as you may have noticed, I have a hard time getting shows out. I am averaging 2 a month, or every other week. I try to get into the mood to do shows on Monday, but normally I don’t get really excited until Tuesday. Wierd, huh?

As you may tell from this post, I am having trouble getting the podcast out today yet again. I am lacking motivation.

Now that I have spotted the problem, the question is how do I deal with it? Do I drop Monday? Do I go to an official twice a month Monday show? Do I make Monday a day where I just pop out a special RfL when I am inclined? I have some thinking to do.

I really do not understand why I get so motivated come Tuesday, raring to drop a podcast on the world. What difference does a day really make? Is it that I just love the idea of three day weekends too much?

My fear is that if I force myself to do Monday shows when I do not want to do them, I may lose my drive to podcast. The great thing about this is even though I am now signed, paid, and sponsored, I am still not “forced” to do these shows. I still do them because I enjoy bringing the music and segments to my listeners.

Maybe from now on Monday should just be a whenever show. A special show that adds to the week rather than a set in stone scheduled event.

What the hell is it about Monday? Anybody have an idea? Anybody else have this much trouble with Monday?

So, I guess I will be with you all tommorow, psyched and ready to go!


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  1. I completely understand. Monday just has a vibe to it for some folks (you should see my wife and kids dragging themselves through Monday). My life is positioned such that Monday doesn’t bother me as much as some people because my day-to-day schedule rarely varies, even through a weekend. That more than anything minimizes the “Monday effect” for me.

    About Monday RFL’s, though… whatever you do, PLEASE do NOT force yourself to podcast. The few times I’ve done a show on a forced schedule of feeling I “had” to do a show rather than “wanting” to do a show, it comes off sounding uninspired. And you’re right, forcing yourself to constantly record when you don’t want to will fry you out faster than anything — it becomes another “job” rather than something you want and love to do.

    Another idea you might to entertain… record your next Monday’s show immediately following another show you do in the week, while you’re still in a podcasting frame. Make it an all-music show if you don’t have the time to do double research for the variety sections. Keep it in the can ready to launch on Monday.

    I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with “pre-producing” a show. Podcasting has allowed us to time-shift our content and serve it up when WE want it — the same rules should apply to the production of the content rather as well as the consumption.

    So you miss a show every other week or so? So bloody what? I don’t mean to downplay it, but if the desire just isn’t there to record, it isn’t there. Anyone who listens or subscribes to the show will be there on Tuesday if there isn’t a Monday show.

    I apologize for the long-winded run on your blog, but I hope I’ve given you some ideas and thoughts to kick around. Whatever you end up deciding to do, know that your show’s fans will continue to support you and your efforts.

  2. yes, what Bryce said! Good words there Bryce!

    We love RFL! 🙂

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