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We had an emergency at the Podquarters this weekend, Faith went to the hospital with a concussion, and I have not had the time to get our regular shows together. This is a replay from back in August 2006. Enjoy!



Another wednesday and we have some great tunes from the mellow side in store. In addition to the tunes, we have much more.

We have snakes released in an Arizona theater during Snakes on a Plane, we have a 76 year old comedian that not only misses his flight, but gets some time in the lock-up.

We talk about the dangers of using a cavity-fighting toothbrush in the wrong cavity, and a 69 year old guy that gives us an example of those dangers.

We take our walk through musical history and then hit the gossip in Stupid Celebrity Crap. Tom Cruise gets dropped by Paramount, Matt Parker and Trey Stone get picked up by Paramount (man, that has to hurt), and Paris Hilton cries because her CD is so good. Poor child.

Enjoy the Show!

Rayna-Forget Me

Katy Pfaffl-Someday

The Lascivious Biddies-Betty

Alice Marie-Lipstick Diaries

Eddie Ramirez-A Box

Littleton Jones-That Man Was Me

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Bring it On

Karmyn Tyler-Drifting

Satya-Silk Route


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  1. Eban…

    I think I speak for all your listeners when I say I hope Faith is okay and recovers soon. Concussions are very serious and should be afforded all the cautious attention I’m sure the doctors are advising you on.

  2. Faith! I love you , get some rest!

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