RfL 1-2-07 Indie and Alternative Tuesday #285

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Our first show of 2007, and we have some great tunes for you.

SJ and I argue about making resolutions, eating cats, eating people, and more. We then talk about an 80 year old super great-granny. We also see what happended on this day in music through the years.

 Sit back and enjoy, and, Happy New Year!


Tomorrow’s Caveman-Mating Ritual
The Gentleman Callers-I’ve Got Mine
Morning Lane-On the Road
Munkey Juice-hazy lazy
Dammit Boys-The Mad Switch
Johnny Magnet-Second Biggest Dick

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  1. YEAHHHHH…He’s back!!! Better than ever!!! And soon to have a year added to his age…hee hee!!! Happpy Birthday!!! Thanks for including me in your first Wednesday Coffee House back!! Glad to have you podcasting again!! You have been GREATLY missed!!


  2. Hey Karmyn! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am so close to “old fart” now that it is spooky, argh! lol. It is great to be back, I missed you as well.

  3. […] Eban Crawford and his Reaching For Lucidity podcast went back on the “air” yesterday after a long delay dealing with some personal issues following his move from Blighty to shores of the Hotel California. […]

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