RfL 3-14-07 Wednesday Coffee House #306

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We have a lot in this episode. Great tunes, some new podcasts to check out, the evil of ants on pacifist buddists, a bit of history, a chance to help out with a worthwhile cause, and more!

Check out Anji Bee’s newest cast, Unwind. Also her original show, Chillcast.

Any pain or trouble sleeping? Check out Tylenol PM.  

Check out the new podcast made by a true podcasting fan, it is the Kick in the Cast by Chris. 

Use code Reach3 at GoDaddy.com to save yourself some money on your .com domain 

Support the Biddies and their crusdae against The devastating disease MS by following this link


Music on today’s show

Causeway-Come Back 


Plastic Soul Band-Somehow 

Stephen Stewart-Fight For Love 

Lascivious Biddies two-fer – Famous and Betty 

Rough Sax-Mariner’s Lament 


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  1. Hey there! THANKS SO MUCH for helping spread the word, and for playing our albums!

    I noticed your link to our MS Walk page was busted, so here is the right one…


    You are da bomb!

    Lee Ann
    The Lascivious Biddies

  2. Thanks for the catch on the link! I fixed it.

    Thanks also for the great comment and the terrific tunes. I would have to argue that the four of you are “Da Bomb”!

    Good luck on the sponsorships for the walk, I will run the announcment on all of my regular shows up till the event.

    Have a great day!

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