RfL 3-28-07 Wednesday Coffee House #308

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We felt like doing something a bit different this week for the coffee House. I decided that we will go wordless today, in the music that is. It is an all instrumental edition today.


In addition to the tunes, we finally let you hear the bizzarro email we recieved last week. It is silly!


We also talk about one of my musical heroes, Glen Danzig, and his only bad album (in my opinion), Black Aria 2. (If you want a great instrumental that was #1 on the classic charts for two weeks, check out the original Black Aria, a soundtrack for Milton’s Paradise Lost) We also have entertainment history and more!




Music on the show today

2012-Dream Freedom

Green Druid-Night Dance

Dreamweaver-Ambient Glider

Beyond the Pale-Princess Morgan/The Skipper

Jim Fidler-Welcome to Cairo Street

Alexye Nov-Neversus

Satya-Silk Route



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