RfL 3-9-07 The Juggernaut-Hard Rock and Metal Friday #305

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Here we go, the gateway into the weekend is The Juggernaut, and we have some brutal tunes for your enjoyment today. Plus a surprise at the end. But if you are one of the listeners that reads the shownotes first, then here is the surprise. We will be playing the entire Wooden Bird Trilogy by Royal Court members Where She Wept! This show is going to kick ass!

We also talk sumos in balloons, V-8 engines and vegetable juice, Karmyn Tyler’s great role in the movie Inspector Mom. Amerigo Vespucci, Richard Adams, Robert Plants first solo gig, Michael Jacksons 1993 humanitarian award, and more.




Darque Carnival-Down Driven 

Into Eternity-Severe Emotional Distress 

All That Remains-This Calling 


Special Artist Spotlight

Royal Court members Where She Wept 

The Wooden Bird Trilogy

pt.1 Cloaked In Dusk

pt.2 The Wooden Bird

pt.3 The Promise and The Breath


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7 Responses

  1. Hey Eban. You are just toooo awesome!!! And SJ, I’m going to put you on my public relations team and when I get to California, I will have to give you a big hug….(but don’t tell Eban)!! Thank you for your support for the movie Inspector Mom. and I’m excited about the shows new artist spotlight format!! Thank you Eban for your enthusiastic podcasting!

  2. Hey Karmyn. Great episode. I hope all is well at Disney! Believe it or not, all the places I have lived and visited, I have never been to Disney. Go figure.

    By the way, SJ wants to destroy mankind and take over the world. Luckily for us he has to deal with chronic gas all the time, so he never formulates his plan. (he likes beans)

    Take L.A. by storm!

  3. Hey Eban,

    Thanks for featuring Where She Wept in your show! We really appreciate that you’ve been a supporter of our music. Keep up the great work1


  4. Hey Paul! Thanks for the comment, and the great music!

    I think I can say this, with a pretty good amount of certainty, that the Wooden Bird Trilogy made for the most dramatic music on RfL so far, I just love it!

    I look forward to seeing what 2007 brings! The DVD?

    Keep kicking Bro!

  5. Eban! Great show this week, and I about fell out of my chair to hear a sound bite from “The Tick” at the end – one of my FAVORITE shows forever.

    “One day, milkshake baby, boom!” :o)

    -NiNi [of Corvo]

  6. Hey NiNi! You are the first person to either catch, or at least to comment, on the Tick clips that I use. I too am a big fan, I also have all the comics, and the Chroma Tick titles.

    Stewart Townshend has “THE VOICE”, down cold, lol.

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi, I really apreciated this website! Thanks

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