RfL3-8-07 Rock Mix Thursday #304

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We have a tremendous rock mix for you today! We also talk about Kim Jong Il, International Woman's Day, Monkey Love, Russian calender problems, and more!


Be sure to watch the Lifetime Movie Network tonight at 8:00 eastern and 5:00 pacific to see the Queen of the Royal Court Karmyn Tyler's episode of Inspector Mom, the Danica Mcellar series! Karmyn gets kidnapped in tonight's episode. Go Karmyn! 


Music today

Sequel-All Right All Right 

Granian-Mark My Words 

The Deadline-Bring on the Pain 

Adrenaline Factor-Ride 

Miles Partridge-Bullet Proof, No Surrender, and Tequila 

The Erotics-Drink, Fight, and Fuck 


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