Back from our trip and back to the show on Wednesday!

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Hey all! We are back, safe and sound, from our trip. The show will be on for the Wednesday Coffee House, and we have the announcment of where we went and when and where RfL will be headquartered from now on! (and yes, I do mean from now on)

RfL is officially moving yet again, but this time it is going to be for good. We had to look at our situation and evaluate where we want to be in the future. Well, we have answered our questions and now have our plan firmly in place.

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to leave the wonderful town of Burlingame. We have already determined that we will come back at least once a year. As nice as Burlingame is, it can’t provide us with some of the things we want in life. Hell, a starter home, a small fixer-up, is between $450,000 to $500,000! The cost of living here is very high. We had to come to terms with this.

We are excited and a bit freaked, but hey, if you make decisions and don’t get a bit freaked then you are not pushing the envelope enough. Hell, I am a pirate after all! Arghghgh!

On a different note, you may have noticed that I killed the comments from wordpress. From now on, clicking the “comment” link on the posted shows will forward to my podshow site. For blog posts with no show in the post, please use the tagboard in the sidebar. I value all your comments so please let us hear what you have to say!

I am excited to start the show up again Wednesday so be sure to take a listen. I also have an announcment concerning the animated series plus some emtertaining segments lined up.

I have missed hanging out with you all while I was on the trip. Catch you on Wednesday!


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