New Animations Coming Soon!

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As the title say, “New Animations Coming Soon!”, and I can tell you right now, they are not what you may expect. I am having a ball producing new animated content. I will not release all of my animations through Podshow as a podcast however. Some of the creations will be released through Current TV, and others will go to YouTube. I am doing this to increase the exsposure of the animations and the RfL Studios as a whole.

I will always do my podsafe audio music and variety shows, that in essence is the center of the RfL Studio universe. I however see the animated content becoming the more commercial face of the studio. Time will tell.

Look for the podcast later today. As with the last two days, it will be a Quickjabs replay, I still don’t feel like feeling good yet. I will be adding new full shows next week. I am sure I will feel like feeling good by then.

So, keep that eye out for the show later today, and have a great weekend everyone!

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