RfL 4-11-07 Wednesday coffee House #311

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What an episode! We are back from our trip and we have a big announcment on where RfL is going. It also happens that Eban is in a mood and thus SJ feels the pain. Eban even finds a song that mirrors his mood.


We have great Coffee House tunes today for your enjoyment. We take our look back into entertainment history. We even have two tales of male woes from around the world, one really bad, and one kinda funny.



The music on today’s show

Little Thom–The dog song

Littleton Jones–been Digging

Eddie Ramirez–A Box 

Karmyn Tyler–Drifting 

Ezra Thomas–Mercy 

Nick Cave–Bring it on 

Edie Carey–Chemistry 

Eric Dietrich–Showdown at the bridge 




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