RfL 4-12-07 Rock Mix Thursday #312

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It is the Driving Rock Mix today and we have some great tunes. We have some first time bands for RfL, a couple of Royal Court members, one of the ultimate show closers, and a new song from a RfL favorite. See, great tunes!


We talk about two tales of German sausage lovers, Bernhard and Walter, and their personal tales of woe and despair, plus we give out a double BS award today. Eban makes the worst mistake that a Star wars fan can make, saying “Episode 3 A New Hope instead” of “Episode 4 A New Hope”. We all knew he really could not speak and talk at the same time.


We also talk a bit more about the upcoming RfL move and the Animated Series. We then look back at the entertainment history that happened on this day.




Music on the show 

The Truckee Brothers-Gritty Pretty 

Moxie–I’ll Try 

Miles Partridge–No Surrender 

Next Door–Suzie Q 

Zamarro-Satans Arms 

The Golden Gods–Even I Don’t Know 

the supersuckers–pretty fucked up 



Check out Anji Bee and her new cast, Unwind, brought to us by Tylenol PM


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