RfL 4-13-07 Quickjabs #18 The Juggernaut All That Remains Artist Spotlight

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We have an artist spotlight Quickjabs on the group All That Remains! Man, this is gonna be good.


Sj and Eban talk a bit about a slow news day and the lack of good celebrity gossip. Julian Lennon sells his stake in the Beatles catalog, Eddie Murphy impregnates some Spice, and we finally talk a bit about Imus’ “Nappy Headed Hos” comment, and somehow Richard Simmons comes up! What the hell is up with that?


We also talk about Ozzy’s first album in 6 years. His first sober, and also getting back to the songwriting juggernaut of Osbourne and Wylde!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Songs on the show 

This Calling


The Air that I Breathe



Check out Anji Bee and her new cast, Unwind, brought to us by Tylenol PM


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