RfL 4-25-07 Wednesday Coffee House #313

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Hey everyone! We are back after a system crash that kept us away for a few days, and we have a great show to make up for it. We have some excellent music from the U.S.A. (even Hawaii), Canada, Sweden, UK, and the Czech Republic! How is that for Globetrotting?

Speaking of Globetrotting, in entertainment history we talk about Meadowlark Lemon celebrating his birthday today, along with many others.

Also today, we have a call to arms against the FDA and their attempt to take our supplements and classify them as drugs. Get this, even bottled water, fruit juices, and garden herbs would not be safe! They tried to sneak this one by, but we will not let them. Check out the links at the end of the shownotes to find out more. We only have until April 30 to be heard!

What else? We talk Rosie and the view, Sheryl and Rosie’s ass, Tony Blair and wood, and getting beat up by Michael Bolton. Full show, eh?



Music on the show 

Chloe Leigh–My Everything

Ian Knapp–If The Aliens Came 

Katy Pfaffl–Leave the Lights On 

Arctic-Some One Turning 


Lindsay Darcy–Life-Sized 

Cheryl B. Engelhardt–Proof 




Check out Anji Bee and her new cast, Unwind, brought to us by Tylenol PM


Linkis to the FDA attempt to take our health choices away! 

News target story

RMHI Herbal dot org 

Worldnet Daily story 

Go Here to tell the FDA what you think!

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