RfL 4-27-07 Driving Rock Mix Thursday #314

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We have all new bands and never before played on RFL tunes for the show today. As a bonus, we hit a two-fer for each act! In other words, great tunes!


We talk Tom Cruise and L-Ron's ethereal penis, Rosie O, Sheryl Crow, Carol Burnette, The Young and the Restless, and more!


We have two case studies in the Idiots All Around Us segment that may just about prove that human intelligence is going straight down the drain.


We also take our regular look back at entertainment history for this day.




Music on the Show Today

The Kellys–Blink and Up To Believe

Savanah–I'll Find My Way and Supervirgin

Marvel–Strange Thing and Boozebomb

The Rails–Promoter's Tango and Ghost of a Band




Check out Anji Bee and her new cast, Unwind, brought to us by Tylenol PM


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