System Crash–Now Fixed! (hopefully)

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My entire system crashed! My laptop crapped out, the main system stopped talking to the network, my router started sputtering. This started on Friday and got steadily worse until this morning, when everything ground to a complete halt.

Well, I reset my router a couple of times, re-installed my wireless network drivers on the main system, and re-formatted the laptop. As of right now, things seem to be OK again. If things stay normal, I will be working on today’s show soon. To say the least, things have been pretty stressful since Friday afternoon when all this went down.

I have some great scripts that I am working on for the animated series. That is next on the plate after getting the show out. Faith is out of town on business until Saturday, so I can catch up into the night.

See you all on the show later today! (Unless something else in my system craps out. Let’s hope not, as my already questionable grasp on sanity may just snap.)

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