RfL 5-8-07 #316 Indie and Alternative Punk Special

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The question is, do we finally go too far? I guess you have to listen to decide.


We have great punk and punk inspired tunes today. Get ready for some high energy!


We talk about the idiot "Save Paris" crowd, we look at words that may be helpful if you attend the 2008 Olympics in China, and we look back at entertainment history.




Music on the show


Fenwick–Peta Sux

Bloody Tourists–Gram and a Half

Neil Smith–Crowd Surfin' USA

Never So True–Keep Smiling Kid

Screaching Weasel–Veronica Hates Me

The Distillers-City of Angels and LA Girl


Check out Anji Bee and her new cast, Unwind, brought to us by Tylenol PM

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