Are you an audio snob?

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I sure am! There is a site that you “NEED” to check out if you love your sound pristine and your bass damaging, The Audioholics Online A/V Magazine.

Once there you get equipment reviews, tips on how to set up your equipment for maximum sound goodness, news of the audio scene, buying guides, and more!

Even if you are not an audio fiend, you can still use this site for your equipment set-up and buying needs. (Well, if you are not an audio fiend you will probably get more out of the site as audio fiends know everything already. Hey, am I wrong?)

Follow the link below and get yourself into a whole bunch of audiophile glee!

Projectors, Receivers, Speakers — Audioholics Home Theater Reviews and News


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  1. I like this post better than the Google one, I don’t trust Google but I luvs the good sounding equipment!

  2. Eban Crawford

    Again with the Google. One track, eh?

    The site is nice though.

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